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No Kid Hungry's Karaoke Friendsgiving

No Kid Hungry's Karaoke Friendsgiving

Dear Staff & Friends,

At Share Our Strength, we firmly believe that no child in America should go hungry. That is why we put so much passion into our No Kid Hungry campaign ensuring we reach the 13 million kids in America who struggle with hunger!

As we all gather with friends and family to celebrate the season, it is our duty to give back to those less fortunate. But nothing says we can't have fun doing it. That is why we are hosting our 2nd annual staff SING FOR THEIR SUPPER Karaoke battle and fundraiser.

Please make a donation to support these brave and talented singers and help us ensure that our nation's kids are getting the food they need to thrive! Every $50 you donate can help connect hungry kids to 500 meals.

Best -
Team No Kid Hungry

P.S. Competitors, feel free to join this team and share your personal page with friends and family! I'm sure they'd love to support you.



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1. DDDiane Dawson-Brown
Thankful for all you do to help children in need.
2. JNJessie Niewold
3. MLMaria Lunt
For such a worthy cause. Thanks Carla for your efforts. You’re the best!
4. ARAnna Rockett
Can't wait for the video. Knock 'em dead!
5. MCMegan Cantrell
6. LALaToya Austin