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What does it mean to host a Friendsgiving for No Kid Hungry?

This is a common question we receive! Hosting a Friendsgiving for No Kid Hungry is quite simple. You plan a party or other gathering with a group of friends (which could include co-workers or family) during the holiday season and sign up to fundraise for hungry kids across America. When you sign up, you will be given the tools to create a personal fundraising page which you can share with your guests and ask them to donate (before or during your party). Whether you were already planning on hosting a holiday celebration or were looking for a reason to gather with friends, adding a fundraiser for kids in need is sure to enrich the experience for everyone. Every $10 you and your friends raise can feed a child 100 meals.

Don’t have time to plan a party or gathering? We also have a number of Friendsgiving hosts who choose to host a virtual Friendsgiving fundraiser, meaning no planning involved! Simply ask for donations through your social media network and personal outreach. We love this alternative option to hosting an in-person event for anyone that doesn’t have the space or time to host a real event. By hosting virtually, you are still making a huge difference for kids!

Here is an example of a personal fundraising page:

Do I have to do a traditional Thanksgiving dinner?

The best part about hosting a Friendsgiving is that it doesn’t have to be a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. It can mean hosting different style events such as brunch, potluck, hors d'oeuvre, wine and cheese – we encourage hosts to make it their own. What truly matters is that you have fun in the process while joining forces with us to make ending childhood hunger a reality.

I’m new to fundraising. Where do I begin?

We know that it can be a bit awkward for some to ask their friends for money, but it’s not hard to talk about a great cause! We will provide you with No Kid Hungry resources that you can share with your guests and other friends and family. For example, every registered host receives a registration kit in the mail that includes a fundraising poster and fundraising tips. By putting up your poster at your event, you can set a goal, show how much your group raised and share what that means for hungry kids in need. Remember, every $10 raised = 100 meals for kids.

When asking for donations, tell your friends and guests the reasons why you are hosting a Friendsgiving for No Kid Hungry. Let them know what inspires you and why you are motivated to support No Kid Hungry.  By doing this, your friends and guests will see your enthusiasm and will want to support your fundraising efforts.

Looking for other ways to encourage your guests to donate? Check out some of our ideas below. Be sure to visit our Resource Center for more inspiration, which includes videos about our work and fact sheets.
  • Ask your guests to donate instead of bringing a dish
  • Play a game during your Friendsgiving and anyone that loses has to donate to your fundraiser
  • Auction off your skills and ask for donations in return

Tip: Let your guests and donors know that their donations are tax-deductible.

Looking for a place to learn from other Friendsgiving hosts? Join our Facebook Host Group Page and be part of our growing host community. We feature hosts, share planning and fundraising tips, recipe inspiration and much more!

Why do I need to register?

By registering to host a Friendsgiving for No Kid Hungry, you’ll have immediate access to a customizable fundraising page, our online resources to help you plan your Friendsgiving, easy to use tools to ask friends and family for support, chef recipes and culinary demos, and more. You will also be eligible for incentives based on different fundraising thresholds.  

What does it mean to host as a team vs. solo?

By creating or joining a team, you have the ability to invite friends and others to join you in your fundraising efforts. One person on the team will need to be the designated “team captain” and each person that joins will have their own fundraising page as part of the team. This is a great way to use your collective network to reach your fundraising goal faster and make a difference together! It’s easy to set this up when you are registering to host, but it can also be done at any point after. We are more than happy to assist you with setting up a team page or answering any questions you may have regarding teams.

You can also team up with our celebrity supporters. This year our spokesperson, Ted Allen, wants you to join his team and help him reach his goal of $5,000!

What will the funds I raise go towards?

The money you raise from your Friendsgiving will go towards our No Kid Hungry campaign. Specifically, we work with local organizations all across the country to help implement breakfast programs in schools, summer and after school meal programs. Additionally, the money you raise will go towards the advocacy work we do to increase awareness of childhood hunger at the state and federal levels. We work with elected officials and government agencies to strengthen and improve programs that kids rely on. To learn more about our work, please click here.

Still have questions? Check out our FAQs or feel free to email us directly at